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The best way to see what EduVision can do is to take it out for a spin. We give you full access to everything for a month, including tech support, not a reduced-function teaser. To sign up for your 30-day free trial, click on the button below. We will be looking for:
  1. The name of someone responsible for authorizing the creation of your site and a valid email address, which we will use as the key identifier for your account, and carry forward in that role if you choose to convert to a paid subscription at the end of your free trial.

  2. Time to verify the identity of each registrant for your EduVision site – a key component in maintaining a secure and controlled application environment. (This won’t take long.)

  3. Video footage you’d like uploaded to your site. Note that anything you upload during the free trial will be fully available to you when you convert to a paid subscription – you won’t lose any of your work in the conversion.
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